The Ten Most Profitable Digital Music Platforms

According to the figures released by Digital Music in 2020, to reach monthly equivalent to an average salary to live in the United States, these are the digital music platforms that generate more revenue per reproduction:

  1. SoundCloud

Although its operation is not the same as the rest of digital music platforms, it has become preferred by independent musicians. There are no distribution channels and therefore, achieving the desired range is uphill. Due to their huge losses in 2018, they have decided to turn their philosophy around, and since last October they will reward their SoundCloud Premier Monetization service to artists who have more than 5,000 reproductions in a single.

  1. YouTube

Contrary to what YouTubers of this platform and their earnings make us believe, YouTube is considered one of the least profitable platforms among the top 10 for music distribution; keep in mind that to generate profits that exceed $ 1,500 per month you must achieve at least 2,173,913 monthly reproductions.

  1. Pandora Premium

At the time, it was positioned as one of the main digital music platforms with more users in the United States and the ones that generated the most profits from its subscriber’s thanks to its streaming radio service. It has more than 80 million subscribers. Then and after the birth of other music distribution platforms began his debacle in the digital world. Today and after being auctioned and bought by SiriusXM, Pandora pays artists $ 0.0011 for reproduction, and at the beginning of 2018 it slightly increased this figure to $ 0.0034, improving slightly in its Premium service where the figure amounts to $ 0.00133 per reproduction; what does that mean to reach $ 1,500 per month, you must achieve 1,127,819 views per month.

  1. Amazon Music

Created in 2007, Amazon has in its catalogue more than 50 million songs categorized in playlist and streaming stations. Although it reaches almost 12 years of experience, it has not yet managed to top the lists of distributors that generate the most profits for artists, but it has managed to stay in fierce competition with Spotify for the dividends that they generate for artists. In 2018, its figure improved to $ 0.00402 per play, which monthly and to reach an average salary amount to 366,169 monthly reproductions

  1. Spotify

In 2018, this monster defeated Amazon Music, improving its figure to $ 0.00437 per reproduction. That is, artists need to exceed 336,842 plays to reach about 1400 -1500 dollars a month. However, and although Spotify is not the number one on this list, it has become the world leader as the platform with more subscribers and greater presence on the web; There are more than 190 million monthly active users uploading and downloading music content.

  1. Deezer

Although this French platform has not finished laying foundations in all the United States and Latin America, in terms of payment it exceeds Spotify by $ 0.00187 per reproduction, which translates to 230,000 reproductions per month if in addition to present you are looking for gains comparable to an American salary, For now, Deezer continues to expand its networks worldwide and is available in 16 languages ​​and has 16 million users, 6 million of them connected through the Premium service.

  1. Google Play Music

He is only seven years old in the world of digital music platforms, and although he keeps secret the metrics of his subscribers, it is estimated that he does not reach 10 million users; however, as one of Google Play Music’s strategies to become the favourite of artists is rumoured in the music industry, it is based on paying more for plays than many of its opponents. To get an idea, by reproduction, you earn $ 0.00676, that is, you would need 217,752 plays to reach almost $ 1,500 per month.

  1. Apple Music

Although from this music distribution platform, they handle their figures with total secrecy, they have let the world know that in reproduction gains almost doubles Spotify. We talk about $ 0.00735 per reproduction, which translated into monthly plays would be 200.272, which is why they remain in the top five of those preferred by the artists.

  1. TIDAL

According to figures from Information is beautiful in 2020. TIDAL rose as the second platform that generates more profits for artists. Until the first half of 2018, it reported minimum losses per user and higher dividends for its subscribers. Per reproduction, he pays $ 0.01284, that is, more than triple his strongest opponents such as Spotify and Google Play Music; which means that to accumulate more than 1500 dollars a month on Jay-Z’s digital music platform, you would need only 177,604 plays.

  1. Napster

For more than two consecutive years, Napster leads the listings and is crowned as the King of digital music platforms that generate more profits for artists per single uploaded to the network. In fact, with respect to its closest contender (TIDAL) the difference is huge because with only 77,474 plays a month, you reach more than $ 1400 per month, that is, 100,000 fewer reproductions! And most importantly, according to forecasts, these numbers will continue to be positive for artists who decide to keep this platform as their favourite.

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